Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Benefits of Laughter

Did you know that children laugh ten times more per day than adults do? No wonder Jesus told us to become like little children. Laughter reduces tension, lowers blood pressure, and releases endorphins, those fun little hormones secreted by the brain that kill pain and calm the nerves.
One thing that always makes me laugh is to read about dumb criminals. In fact, my husband bought me a book a few years ago by Leland Gregory entitled The Stupid Crook Book (Andrews McMeel, 2002). Here are a few of my favorites:
“A twenty-four year old man in Texas broke into a residence, stole a TV, and made a clean getaway. He was arrested a few hours later reentering the premises—he’d forgotten to steal the remote control and came back to get it.”

“A man robbed a liquor store in the Roswell area of New Mexico. Although he wore a bag over his head, the police got an excellent description of the perpetrator—the bag was plastic.”

“A man who was pulled over and cited for not carrying a driver’s license submitted to a routine search and was found to be carrying cocaine in his underwear. To absolve himself of any wrongdoing, he claimed that the underwear didn’t belong to him.”

What makes you laugh?  How many times a day do you laugh? If you'd like to add more laughter to each day, check out my book, The Heart of Humor: 60 Helpings of Hilarity to Nourish Your Soul


  1. Funny jokes from that book! My husband is a joke finder and shares them a lot. He got a dad joke book from Megan for Christmas. Even though I'm at home instead of working I keep listening to KLove 📻 a lot as there are funny things on there or the Fish radio station that I listen to when I just waking up. Last station had some fun things that children (who actually spoke) about Christmas actions. Haha!! Being happy with jokes is good!! Have a blessed day!! 🌷⭐ Becky

  2. They've started adding some humor to the Contemporary worship radio station I listen to, Becky. Makes the day go by faster! Love, Jen

  3. Laughter gives us a new outlook on certain otherwise dreary situations. At one time, I went through a period of darkness. I had no reason to laugh because I found nothing funny. God took care of it and brought laughter to me in a very interesting way.


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