Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Love Languages

My Love Language is gift giving.
I especially enjoy giving compliments

Tell me about your love language 

(Words of affirmation, 

loving touch, 

gift giving,

acts of service, or 

quality time?)


  1. My love language is words of affirmation and acts of service. A woman at my church keeps reminding me that I have never given up on her. She has struggles that are ongoing.

  2. You are definitely a loyal friend! Those are rare and beautiful.

  3. My love language is saying hello to people I know and saying "I like your shirt you are wearing" to a man that had a tshirt with words on it that read"Jesus died for me." Black man with family! Always give cashiers kind words in the day out shopping. One never knows what sad things people are going through in their day at work. I enjoy your blog posts,. Jeanette!! FYI there is alot of fires going on in Oregon, smoke in the air. Megan took her CERT bag with her in case she gets called. Level 3 evacuation in area in Clackamas county which is not far from us. Hopefully our son and family will be ok! Seems like the fire 2020 is back again! Sad! Prayers please.
    God bless!


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