Tuesday, July 5, 2022

I'm Rich! How did this happen?

     When my 95-year-old Mom died in May, 2022, she left few possessions. Yet I can definitely say, "I'm rich!"

     As I sorted through the boxes and bags of clothes, kitchen utensils, and old photographs, I realized the treasures Mom gave me consisted not of things, but of everlasting qualities: 

A love of God and His Word

A commitment to hard work

A thoughtful spirit toward others

         At Mom's celebration of life I said, "If I love giving to foreign missions, if I'm a hard worker, if you tell me you like chickens and I give you chicken-themed gifts, all of those qualities came from Mom." 

          I only hope I can follow in her steps, and leave behind a heritage of goodness and love for my own  kids.  The qualities Jesus is proud of are the ones that last. 



  1. My mom didn't leave much after she died as she'd been in a nursing home for years. I did get some things from the apartment she lived in with my younger brother. One precious item is the cross she had that I wear at times. So thankful for the promise of heaven. Sorry the loss of your mom. My mom died 8 years ago in July at the age of 90. Hugs and prayers to you and Kevin.

    1. Thanks, Becky. I know that cross means the world to you!


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