Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Why keep reading the Bible?

   For many years, I recited Psalm 91 as I made my bed each morning. Then recently as I read it, verse 2 popped out at me:

I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
    my God, in whom I trust” (NIV). 

     Oh, my. How many hundreds, even thousands of times had I said this? Yet am I really trusting the Lord? Or am I trying to do life on my own, worrying when things don't work out the way I know they should, or as fast as I think they ought? 

     I'm not talking about impatience in the grocery store line or having car trouble. I'm talking wayward loved ones, family members who refuse to hear about Jesus, and issues of global dimensions. Situations that I know are God's will to change, but that are delayed. 

I worry. 
I fret. 
I manipulate. 
I get upset. 
But do I trust? 

Sometimes a Scripture will grab you around the heart and ask, 

"Do you believe this enough to live it?"

     This is why we keep reading God's Word. It's not just a book. It's alive, and it speaks into our lives the message we need at the exact time we need it. If we are wise and listen, we are changed. 

Have you had this happen with a Bible verse? How did it change you? 


  1. I've read verses that touched my heart as well. I spent some time Monday night reading 1 Kings 18 about Elijah. I remember the Bible study we just finished late spring was about Elijah written by Priscilla Shrier. A Bible that's got devotion on side of page. A read a few scriptures that's attached to the devotion. Interesting way to sleep good at night as well.
    God always has plans for us when we keep our minds on Him. I hope you have less pain in life that I read on Facebook today.

  2. Oh, I have this often, believe me, especially with Psalm 91! It never stops to amaze me how alive the Word is and how it speaks to current situations. When I get a revelation like you described, I often write a blog post about it!


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