Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Why Be Thankful in Terrible Times?

Why Be Thankful In Terrible Times?

            I recently heard a message about being thankful. Although I'm usually upbeat, even zany, this teaching convicted me. I need to be more thankful to the Lord for all I have. I need to wake up in the morning praising God for my health, my job, my family and my mind that works (most of the time!). I’m especially thankful for a place in Heaven, and my sweet relationship with a loving Heavenly Father.         

     My pastor husband, Kevin, and I don’t own our own home; we live in a parsonage. But it’s a lovely house in the country surrounded by great neighbors and few noises, apart from birdsong and cricket opera. We have no smog; we enjoy crimson and lavender sunsets and delight in brightly colored leaves dancing on our trees. 

            Our church is comparatively small. But the people love, support and pray for each other. Some even tell us how grateful they are to have Kevin pastor them. I benefit from new recipes at our potluck dinners, the prayers of our Monday night ladies’ group, and Kevin gets to preach every week.

Our family in 1986

         Both our kids and all three of our grandkids love and appreciate Kevin and I. We live in close proximity of them, so we can see them often and share holidays as a family. 

         I refuse to allow the news media, pessimists on Facebook, or anyone else, to tell me what to think and how to feel. There is always, always, always something to be thankful for. I choose to focus on the good in our lives.

     I want to be sunshine going somewhere to happen. I hope that makes God smile. 

What three things are you most thankful for?


  1. I am thankful for the following: The Lord for saving me from my sin. Central heat in the fall and winter, A roof that doesn't leak, the privilege of being able to have food in our home, my friends that love me and watch out for me. Our home, Good dependable transportation, Good doctors in our area. (I know that is more than three,)

  2. Why be thankful in terrible times? Because we need it all the more! God is good, despite circumstances and He deserves our praise and thanksgiving. Thank you for this post.


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