Monday, June 8, 2015

Why I believe no father is better than a bad father

A lady who grew up in a healthy family recently told me, “A bad father is better than no father at all.”

I strongly disagreed. 

Having grown up with an alcoholic, adulterous father and an alcoholic, verbally abusive stepfather, I've often wished my mom had remained single after divorcing my daddy.

Those two years of peace between her two husbands were the happiest of my childhood.

Yes, I’m stronger because of what I suffered. But I also have insecurities that stick to me like barnacles to a ship. Unsticking them takes up a ton of energy.

Thank God for the redemptive blood of Jesus and my relationship with the Lord through Him! He has more than made up for my bad fathers. For the most part, I live a fulfilling life.

And I'm happy to report that when I was seventeen, my stepfather gave his life to Jesus, and followed Him till the day he passed away. 

But I do sometimes wonder about the bad father/no father thing…

What about you? Did you have a good father? Would you rather have no father than a bad father?