Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Random Thoughts from a Redhead

I love random thoughts. Here are a few about being a redhead...

1. When I left the hair color on my head too long last month, several friends said, "What happened to your red hair?" That made me feel special, knowing they liked my color choice. Even though I dye it, I am a true redhead--I just dye it a lighter shade than my original auburn.

2. The first time I colored my hair was a disaster. It turned out maroon. Aha. And I had spent my last $4 on hair color, so couldn't fix it. I was teaching school at the time, and several kids stared at me when I first walked into the building that morning. Finally, to save myself a whole day of questions, I told the entire class, "Yes, I dyed my hair." We had a good laugh together, which helped break the ice. I never bought that shade again.

3. I talked to someone a few days ago who detests her red hair. Imagine! We are the vast minority, which makes us special. Blonds, black-haired ladies, and brunettes spend tons of money to look like us. And she wasn't happy. Made me kind of sad. I love my fiery mop.

Who is your favorite red head? 


  1. Favorite redheads? Lucille Ball and, of course, YOU.

  2. I agree with James Watkins. But remember, in her earlier movies, Lucille Ball was blonde.

  3. You! And one of my best-friend's, Karmen. And my son!

  4. There are mostly brunettes and blondes in our family, but one granddaughter received her mother's auburn hair and passed it to our two sweet great-grandkidlets. Now we also have a 'ginger' grandson-in-law so I expect there will be more in the future. My brown hair was sun streaked in earlier years, but now it's basically all 'salt and pepper', and I've never been inclined to change its colour.

  5. Hi Jeanette! I have a granddaughter with red hair, and I think it's beautiful! It's a soft red, and she has natural curls too. Sigh...
    Wear your red with pride!
    Happy Father's Day to your husband :)

  6. Hi Jen -

    You're my favorite redhead. :)

    My hair was originally dark brown, but turned lighter during the summer. About 20 years ago, I took the plunge and went medium blonde. I've never regretted the change - love it.

    Susan :)


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