Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Different Kind of Contest

I’m starting to warm up to the idea of Face Book and Twittering, but Kevin is not convinced. “Honey, you just don’t have the time. You barely get everything done now, without adding more,” is his argument. So, I thought of something…

This will be a contest, with NO LIMIT to the prizes. All who enter will be eligible to win! The prizes will be cds and books from the Write to Publish conference, including people like Jane Rubietta, Mary DeMuth and Rachelle Gardener.

Post a comment to Kevin, stating why you think Face Book, Twitter or both will enhance my life (and his?) rather than stress me out. You have three days to post. On Friday night I will read the entries to him, leaving out the names. Whichever ones--- even if there are ten or twenty—convince him, will be winners. If no one convinces him, I will choose the top three that I feel presented the best argument, and give prizes to those. BTW, he knows about this, so you don't have to worry that I am manipulating him...


  1. Kevin, you should really let Jen join these groups to grow her readership, build her online platform. Honestly, I've heard it over and over again from agents and editors that if it comes down to choosing between two books, they'll pick the one whose author has the biggest platform to help sell their book. But even more than this, Kevin, Jen needs to join these networking sites so that she and I can figure out how to use them and link them together. Yes, this is the selfish me talking, but hopefully by working together we can figure out how to use them efficiently and effectively. I'd love to have a partner in this endeavor, won't you please let Jen be my partner?

  2. Jeanette is SO close to getting published. She has editors and agents interested in her. She's attended conferences and started networking. She's hired a professional editor. In other words, she's already put a LOT of hard work and effort into her writing career. FB and Twitter are the next step in building an author presence online, to make further connections, and to really start her platform. If she wasn't this far in her writing journey, then I would say that it's not as necessary and she can wait to focus more on her writing. But since she is getting the attention of editors and agents, then she is definitely ready for the next step. In fact, editors and agents will take her more seriously if they know she is doing all she can to market herself and her work.

  3. Kevin, I'm going to talk to you about Facebook from a different angle. It's been a whirlwind for me on that website, for sure, but here is my story. I've reconnected with dozens of people from former small groups, girls I led when I was in high school, cousins who I haven't spoken to in over ten years. I can't fully explain the impact Facebook has had on my life.

    While you do need to set certain boundaries and have a clear understanding of how you want to use Facebook, I've been able to see time and time again, "what ever happened to..." and not in just for curiosity sake, but more to see how they are building the kingdom.

    I also see Facebook as a wonderful way to witness to others and live my life transparently and holding fast to Him. I have all kinds of friends on my friend list and I'm hoping they see something different about how I live.

    Finally, it really is an excellent means to build a platform and to connect with published authors, agents and people you wouldn't just call up on the phone.

    Weigh the decision as all decisions should be weighed. My vote is thumbs up for Facebook. I can't speak to Twitter b/c I don't Tweet.

    ~ Wendy

  4. Kev,
    Jen needs to be available in places other than a blog. There are way less bloggers than people on facebook. In fact, Facebook is a great way to catch up with old friends from high school and to let them know what's going on. Especially if she publishes a book. With Facebook, you can write one note and send it to every person on your friend list with one click, much like e-mail. Also, Facebook is only a timesuck if you sit and read everyone's updates. I only sign on once a day and there's this nifty littly thingy in the corner that tells me if anyone responded to something I've said. It's pretty cool. Now, I wouldn't suggest Jen, that you get involved with any of the games or applications. But a basic Facebook takes nothing to maintain and yet gives Jen instant access to her audience, and them to her.
    Plus, she can hook her blog up to her Facebook, so every time she blogs, everyone on her friends list will know it.
    I don't think Facebook takes much time at all. E-mail and blogging take more from me than Facebook, but Facebook is good for updating on stuff.
    Now I feel like I'm starting to repeat stuff, so peace out. LOL!

  5. Oh, it'll enhance her life 'cause it's fun. :-)

  6. Okay, Kevin. Jeanette NEEDS to get on Facebook because she can be "friends" with her favorite authors. Why, just today, one of my faves, Eloisa James, posted she would be in Italy until August 20 and then was traveling to Paris to live all next year! Motivation baby!

  7. Dear Kevin,
    Please ignore all the other entries. I alone will persuade you to let Jeanette get on Facebook. All the big authors, agents and editors are there. And me. Do you really want her to miss out on all the fun times?
    truthfully, I love Facebook and the way it is quick and easy to make a connection. I admit to not liking Twitter--that is annoying but please please please let her visit us on Facebook. I promise to be her friend and kick her off if she spends too much time there.
    You have my word.:)

  8. You guys are so cute and funny and supportive! Thanks for all these posts.
    Love you,

  9. I was reluctant to be active on Facebook. I signed up and did nothing with it for several months. Some author had made a request that people make some comment on Facebook or something. I signed up, made the comment and I was done. Months later, I got an e-mail from another author, saying that she wanted to be my friend on Facebook. I accepted her friend request and once more, I was done and would have stayed that way if she hadn’t sent an e-mail saying something like “You don’t do much with Facebook, do you?” I told her I didn’t, but then I went back and decided to give it a try. I found a few people I knew and clicked to add them as friends. Several of my “friends” are authors I network with online, but the real selling point for me has been what it has done for my relationship with the people I know. There are old friends that from years past that I have connected with. I got an e-mail from my kindergarten teacher the other day. Great lady, but this is the first time I’ve interacted with her in 16 years. Much of my family is not in Texas. Facebook has opened lines of communication that have faded over the years. Then there are the people from church. Facebook enhances my relationship with the people from church how are active on it. I know when they are sick. I know when they are out of town. I know when they are joyful. Facebook has the potential to blow the doors of the church building wide open.

    Twitter, I still think it is more for celebrities and fans. Maybe when I’m better known I will like it better, but right now it seems like the real people are on Facebook.

  10. Timothy:
    First, thank you for stopping by; I hope it won't be the last time you visit.

    Second, thank you for this comment. As you may have read, my husband is a pastor. Keeping up with church members is what we are all about. I appreciate your input immensely,

  11. Hi Kevin -

    This email is part of Jen's contest about Facebook and Twitter. My computer doesn't like the comment format on your blogs.

    A friend of mine convinced me to go on Facebook. Actually, she cajoled and pointed out I could always pull the plug if it didn't work out. I viewed it as an experiment.

    Well, 6 months and almost 700 friends later, I'm totally hooked. What a blessing Facebook has been for me! When I have contests on my blog, I can advertise it on my Facebook page and potentially reach almost 700 people. I leave my blog address whenever I comment or send a message. Facebook has almost replaced email in my corner of the world.

    In addition, I've met some awesome people and re-connected with friends and family. I found people from my childhood, but haven't seen in years. I've also been able to encourage others in their life and their writing.

    The experiment has been a grand success. Facebook isn't a life commitment, but it is a needed plank in the ol' platform building process. I say, "give it a shot."

    Susan :)

  12. I have to admit that my hubby and I were both skeptical of Facebook. One of his friends has a page and showed it to him, and Eric thought some of the things people wrote were just ridiculous. I wasn't sure that I wanted everyone I've ever known to be able to find me.

    I mulled it over for quite some time before joining. I kind of wanted to find some of my old high school friends. What put me over the edge was my niece having her baby on Monday, and I really wanted to see pictures of my new niece. So I asked Eric if it was okay with him, and he said yes.

    I have LOVED it! Not only did I get to see pictures of Megan, but I found one of my long lost friends. Turns out that she was looking for me too! This morning I was in contact on FB with one of our mutual friends from high school, and he gave me her email address. I no sooner got done reading his message, when a message popped up from her. She had found me through another friend! It was kind of eerie! She has been living in Latvia for the last 11 years, so FB will be an excellent way for us to stay in touch.

    I've become "friends" with some of my bloggy friends. They seem to be using FB to promote their writing. As a writer, this could be a good promotional tool for Jeanette! One of my neighbors, who was also skeptical, just joined so that she can promote the Christian music CD's she has recorded.

    So FB is fun and a functional tool! (How'd I do Jeanette?)

    Blessings, Leslie

  13. Dear Mr. Kevin,

    I don't have any ammo to convince you of the need for Twitter and/or FB because I've been studiously avoiding both of them myself! :)

  14. Not to be picky, but if I win a prize, can I get something from Mary DeMuth? She befriended me on FB yesterday!!! (I hope this doesn't make Kevin roll his eyes!) Good luck Jeanette!

    Enjoy the 4th!

    Blessings, Leslie

  15. Susan, Leslie and Angie:
    Thanks for commenting. I especially appreciate you popping by on a Holiday weekend.

    Leslie: Of course you can get something from Mary. I have a parenting book and a cd.

    Tonight's the night i read him the entries! Keep praying!

    Love, Jen


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