Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Covering up the Poo-Poos

When our daughter Esther was four she told her grandma¸ “Mommy says we can get a pet when baby-Ron gets big enough to help me take care of it. I would rather have a kittie than a doggie, because kitties cover up their poo­-poo.”

The kids’ first real pet was a black cat named Agape'. We’ve had a plethora of kitties, bunnies, fish and birds since then. All were like family to us. I refer to my current four cats as my “fur children.” I talk baby talk to them, feed them expensive food, and call them silly nicknames. Rocky is Rocks-a-Rooney; Happy is Happy Dappy; Puddin' is Puddin' Pants and Angus is Angie Bangie. Not too creative, but I save that for my writing.

Do you have any pets? How do they enhance your life, or make it crazy? Do you include pets in your stories?


  1. I just love what four year olds say. Usually they're just imitating someone bigger than them, right? So, that must mean that your daughter liked kitties better because momma liked them and their polite manner of covering poo-poo!?! :)

    I can just imagine you giving attention to all of your furry babies! And the nicknames are hilarious! But who am I to laugh? I have nicknames for our cats too. Mostly I just call them both "ya big fatso!" because they're ENORMOUS! The first thing most people say when they see our cats is "They're so big!"

    Have a wonderful day, Jen!

  2. Well, I have a cat and it has not been the best experience, I'm sad to say. We did not have the cat declawed while it was young and have regretted it ever since. He has shredded the carpet in EVERY doorway in our house. He does NOT like closed doors. That is my experience, such as it is. :)

  3. We have two official cats and a whole barn full of wild ones. Plus my neighbors three cats come over often to sniff around the food bowl. :O)

  4. We have a big white fluffy dog named Korah. Sometimes when I'm sad I crawl on the floor next to her and pet her.

    I do add pets into my books. Mostly dogs though. I just had a cat die in my WIP. Sorry.
    ~ Wendy

  5. I loved cats as a kid, but I am very allergic. I want a dog, but can't do that right now. I have included one in the novel I am working on. She is a Yorkie named Ginger. Cutest thing you ever saw. I look forward to getting my real Ginger.

  6. I'm a dog lover, and so far my last three stories have had a dog in them. They really add so much to the story!

  7. So cute! We have a dog named Bella. Both of my boys have grown past the stage of calling her Bewwa, and that makes me a little sad! And yes, I use animals in my story!

  8. Speaking of not being creaive, I had a dog named Buffy and a parakeet named Puffy. Then we got crazy and had a dog named Irving (a female, yet.)
    As an adult I'm only "allowed" animals in cages. My gerbil was named Gilly. I called her "Gills." I loved her so much that when she was put down, I cried like a baby. Same thing for another gerbil. It's too hard on me,but I love them very much.

  9. Hi Jen -

    Over the years, I've had two dogs, two cats, several canaries, and a bunch of turtles (before they stopped selling them). Although I don't have pets now, maybe someday I'll get another cat.

    I tend to give my animals people names. My cats were Abraham and Sarah, while two of the turtles were Siegfried and Gottfried.

    My WIP has a Golden Retriever named, "Lucy."

    Susan :)

  10. We've had bad luck with our dogs. First one I had was when we were married almost a year. I was afraid of them until then. I still have a lot of 'respect' of strange dogs.

  11. Animal lover from forever. I have an English Golden Retriever named Major, but I call him "baby dog." When we first got him as a pup, we were keeping my daughter and son-in-law's 3, yes, 3 dogs; therefore baby dog. Their dogs, Cinnamon-Pit-boxer mix, was "cinnie", Rocko-Rottie, was "rocket-socket" and Zoe-lab, was "zoie-moie."

    Baby dog is a good stress reliever and gives my elderly parents much pleasure.

    He's also our "empty nest" child.

  12. Oh, I love my kitties!! I never had a pet until I was 22 - I brought a stray cat home from college after I graduated and he won over everyone in my family! (Even my sister, who is severely allergic).

    My poor cats, however, have bizarre names. Here's the scoop on my pets:

    Pinstripe (I called him Pinny) - deceased
    Bogey (my dad named him; he wasn't happy about getting a second cat, and he wasn't happy about his latest golf adventure, both Bogeys) - deceased
    Roo (got her from a friend; the name came with her) - deceased
    Midgie (now called Midgie Moomer, or just Mooms) - alive!
    Bucket (named by the hubby; he picked Poo-Slinger, Dingleberry, and Bucket as options - I picked the less of all evils) - alive!

    We get them fixed, but they all have had their claws. I just spend some money on good scratching posts (our current one goes to the ceiling and has three levels).

    Considering how much time I spend at home alone during the day I LOVE having the company. I doubt I'll ever be without a cat again!

  13. Right now we only have a dog and a rabbit. We've been through our share of fish, hermit crabs, fire belly toads and a lizard (that got lost somewhere in our house!) During school breaks, I sometimes bring home gerbils or guinea pigs.

    I often share stories about our dog with my preschool students. He's tried to get on a school bus, he's been picked up by a police officer and taken to doggie jail, and he's visited a flea market at a local church. (Looking for fleas maybe?) We're not bad dog owners...our gates sometimes don't get shut as tight as they should!

    Otto is a barker, but if Dad is still in bed, he "sings" instead. Oh, and he LOVES gift bags!! If you bring a present into our house, his nose will be in it immediately! He's a character!

    Blessings, Leslie

  14. I have hermit crabs--and luckily their poo is very tiny. LOL!

    I have allergies so a cat is definitely out, and I can only get certain dogs. None yet, but I promised my dd that we could "talk" about getting one when she's old enough to walk it by herself.

    I'm writing about my heroine having a huge blonde golden retriever. A dog I'd love to have but can't. :) I guess I'm living vicariously thru her.

  15. ElOhEl, that's one smart girlie! I hope you use that scenario in a story or ms one day. :D

    Yes, love me some Boston Terriers. Had our last one 16 years & now have a new bad boy, Bandit. They truly are part of the family unit.


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