Wednesday, January 20, 2010

BOC Poem

I never allowed my kids to say the word "Butt," contending that it was vulgar and ignorant. Now that I'm older, I find myself using it, albeit sparingly, as the occasion merits. This is one such occasion.

Call me vulgar and ignorant if you will but I had fun writing this. So there.

I'll tell you what
When my butt
Gets on the chair
I'd love to
Leave it there.

NO! to another coffee break,
NO! to the urge for chocolate cake.
I need to let ideas bake
In this oven-like brain.

I need to keep my butt
On the chair
Not here, there or anywhere

Should that be so hard?

jel, copyright 2010


  1. LOL Yep, it can be hard when all the goodies are calling and I don't feel that urge to write! Hope your day is good!

  2. I think you just really wanted to find a way to say what you didn't used to allow yourself or others to say. ;)

    Too cute. And I'd wholeheartedly agree...I need to do the same.
    ~ Wendy

  3. You crack me up! pun intended...really! I just now caught that. Maybe you didn't, until I had to put my mind in the gutter and tell you about it. (finger pointing at you) You started it! ;)

  4. Too funny! And too true! Although sometimes I don't have a problem staying in the chair, but with focusing on the necessary tasks. Checking email, looking up something on the internet, Facebook - these kinds of things can prove to be a great distraction. Work in progress, I am a work in progress!

  5. I love the poem. Yes, sometimes it is just too hard to stay in the chair. At times, I feel like my chair is a spring and as soon as I hit it I am rebounded right back out! Other days, I could sit forever.

  6. I love it! Well done, Jen.

    And I agree. Bottom sounds so much nicer coming from my daughters' mouths.

  7. LOL!! It is amazing how we mellow!
    Blessings and hugs,

  8. Oh, dear. I've found myself in the same situation; both in needing to write & saying butt. Oops! Loved the poem.

  9. Oh, dear. I've found myself in the same situation; both in needing to write & saying butt. Oops! Loved the poem.

  10. Jen:
    I recently noticed the way "butt" has come into use in our society.
    When I first started writing, the phrase was 'Find the 'bottom' line' Translation: fit your bottom onto the chair.

  11. Fun! I like you even more now, if that was possible. :O)

  12. I told my kids to say booty. Not sure if it's vulgar but I think it's cuter. :-)

    Cute poem! I don't know why it's so hard either...

  13. Jeanette,
    For two days I have "glued it" to the computer and have 10 pages left of editing SHEBA!!!!!!!!!!

    You crack me up, putting "butt" in the tag.

    I am quite sure God threw away the cookie cutter when he made you.


  14. Hi Jen -

    LOL! I love your poem. The chocolate cake would be hard to pass up.

    Susan :)

  15. Too funny! This needs to be my mantra! Butt in chair fingers on keyboard. No distractions please...

  16. I think your poem is daaarling! :)

  17. Yes, I took the picture on arise 2 write. Doug and I take most all my pictures. We both love to play with the camera.
    Hugs and prayers, andrea


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