Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Me and My Big Mouth

In the Sunday school class I teach, we are studying Joyce Meyer’s book “Me and My Big Mouth.”


For the last three months, every time I even think of opening that book, I groan, “I do NOT want to study this, Lord. It hurts. I sin the most with my mouth than any other area. Every time I read this book, I’m convicted. I will be so glad when we are finished, and can go on to something else.”

After whining this for the hundredth time, I heard the unmistakable voice of my Shepherd say, “Oh really? So, you’d rather be stuck in your besetting sins of the mouth than to grapple with the pain of growing up?”

“Well, no, Lord. I want to grow up. I just don’t want to go through the process of growing. I want to BE MATURE.”

If the Lord were not such a gentleman, I think He would have fallen off His throne laughing. Instead, His silence got my attention better than His laughter or a lecture could have.

I need to grow up. That takes time. And it’s painful. But I’d rather suffer the process of taming my tongue than to remain stuck in sinful patterns.

Have you found yourself in this predicament—wanting to be mature without having to experience any growing pains? How has the Lord shown you His grace to overcome besetting sins?


  1. Oh goodness. I'm still growing up and I'm sure I will be until the end of time. Don't you just love Joyce's straightforward approach?

  2. Oh yeah, it's painful. Ouch.
    My mom was just telling me again how much she likes Joyce Meyers.

  3. Ha! Funny, my post is all about growing today.

    Yes, sometimes I want to arrive at the destination without hearing in my head one more time, "Are we there yet?"

    ~ Wendy

  4. Jeanette, how do you combine honesty and humor in such a great way?

    So God is working on your words of the oral kind, huh?

    Hmmm. God is asking me to love people in His way, not my whiny selfish, hold grudges way. Need six books, plus The Word, to tutor me on this one!!!

    See you soon!

  5. I need to grab this book Jen. Wow.

    There are some definite areas that the Lord has grown me in. Some places were painful to visit and confess, but He reminds me that I am no longer a slave to sin.

    Everyday I grapple with that old tongue!

  6. Stomped all over my feet and entire body, too!! I am still very much a work in progress.
    Hugs, andrea

    PS: Update on prayer request for amden on arise 2 write.

  7. Joyce Meyer is great. I'm sure your students are glad for a kind teacher like you. Hearing examples from real life help others think they can make it too and mature. :O)

    Did the "LinkWithin" work?

  8. Hi, Jeanette~

    I had the same line of thinking as Andrea. I will forever be a work in progress. There will always be something I need God to help me grow out of!

    Seeing now if our library has this book!


  9. Jeanette, oh sure. Just like teenagers want to be adults, I think we/I do the same with God.

  10. Hi Jen -

    I think I need to read this book again. Sigh.

    Susan :)

  11. I can so relate to this. I am a talker and my mouth is the biggest challenge.
    I remember one day riding with a friend and I was like Oh no as God corrected me in my heart about something I was doing wrong. It seemed to be a theme during that time of my life and God's correction was swift. I was telling my friend about it and I confessed that I know the word says God corrects those he loves, I just wish he would go and love on someone else for a little while. LOL.

    I have not yet arrived but not where I used to be at all. Thank God!

  12. Jeanette, thanks so much for your comment on our "pitching" contest. Hope to see you there again. Blessings** karen

  13. Jen:
    I TRY to think how something will sound before I open my mouth. But I DO have relapses.
    I have to monitor whom I am around so that I don't get enticed to say something I shouldn't.

  14. Oh every day! Like you, I believe I am a constant source of amusement for God...especially when I'm stomping my foot like a two year old because my prayer hasn't been answered yet.

  15. Super book and author. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.


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