Friday, July 9, 2010

Versatility Award

One of the traits I most admire in friends, actors and writers is versatility. If you can bake a killer cake and teach a nourishing Bible study in the same night, that’s versatile. If you can act a thief and court jester in the same movie, that’s versatile. If you can write devotionals and fiction, wow—that’s the epitome of versatility.

So imagine my delight when my versatile friend, Rhonda Shrock from The Natives is Restless—a hilarious, cozy, well-written blog—bestowed on me the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you, Rhonda, for always making me laugh, while touching my heart in the process. Anyone with four sons and one husband better know how to make funnies, right?

Now I need to tell 7 things about myself and pass this award along to 5 versatile bloggers.

1. My husband and I dated only seven weeks before he popped a ring on my finger.

2. We were engaged only six months before we got married. I do not recommend this, but it worked for us--we’ve been married 35 years.

3. On my sixteenth birthday, my dad bought me golf lessons. I even owned my own set of clubs.

4. In third grade, I had to stay after school for talking too much in class. I know you find that hard to believe.

5. My real Daddy was an alcoholic who died of cirrhosis of the liver at 38. This is why I don’t drink. Ever.

6. I had my first article published when I was 24, in a La Leche League magazine. They liked my writing so well they asked me to become the editor, but I had a three-year-old and a baby, so I declined.

7. One of my dreams is to teach at a writer’s conference.

To honor only five of you is difficult indeed. So, I prayed for wisdom. Here are my five choices for the versatile blog award:

Patti Lacy, a kindred spirit, Bible study leader, incomparable novelist, and soul mate par excellence. Plus, she’s a not-to-be-messed-with cook.

Wendy Miller, whose heart for the Lord, love for her family, and passion for writing shines through in every post.

Diane Estrella, who amazes me with her creative giveaways, clever posts and thirst for learning.

Terri Tiffany, who teaches seniors to write, encourages others in the midst of her own dark valleys, and switches from Chicken Soup devotionals to novels.

Cecelia Lester, who loves drama as well as writing, is a loyal friend, and an insightful student of God’s word.

And you. I know you are versatile. How has your own brand of versatility helped you survive and thrive?


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  2. Congratulations!

    Being 25 it'd be too early to speak of me. I hope I am:)

    Best Wishes!

  3. Loved getting to know more about you Jen! I think you'd be very fun to listen to at a writer's conference! :-)

  4. Thanks so much for thinking of me and the very kind words...... I happen to know a writer's conference that I'm sure would love to hire you on to speak at next year's gathering..... :O)

  5. Thanks, woman. You know this means a lot to me. Yes, I'm going. Drive there. Drive there!!!

    Okay, every single one of your questions spawned a question in my head for you. I'll just throw a few at you...

    Do you golf? I love that you and your man knew so quickly. My folks were like that. And what were you talking about in 3rd grade?

    Sending big fat LOVE,

  6. Ohhh, thank you, dear one! Jackie of all trades and master of none is a moniker I've heard!!!

    Today I'm versatiling with PAINT!!! Second time in my life. Daughter and I love splashing it thick on white walls.

    Hmmm. How to be versatile? Be open to God's teachings. He's so good to introduce new tricks to old dogs.

    Blessings, dear friend.

    P.S. wore your top yesterday in Nashville.
    So cool!!!

  7. Wendy:

    No, I don't golf any longer. And who knows what I was thinking in 3rd grade? Probably something inane.

  8. Fabulous! Jeanette, I am blogging with some wonderful women, and I appreciate your sharing. To put me in touch with you is just one demonstration of how good God is.

  9. Wow, 35 years! Congrats! And congrats on the award. You are a versatile lady!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Jen:
    You have touched my heart. Thank you for your kind thoughts. Beyond these thoughts, I am speechless.
    I can't imagine you not talking.;)

  11. Jen:
    I had to learn to be versatile. If I hadn't relied on God, I wouldn't have survived rearing a child with special needs, realizing my husband was an aloholic, and having to deal with an estrangement between a parent and myself. God DOES guide us through the difficult parts of our lives.

  12. Congrats to the winners. Wow, I know you will get your wish to speak, I think it will be sooner than you think! Love learning more about you.

  13. What an interesting list, Jeanette!
    1. Amazing. Scary, but amazing. If my oldest son does this, I'll kill 'im. Well, only a little.

    2. Congrats!

    3. Very cool - lessons and a license to get yourself there, all at the same time.

    4. What? No! Really?

    5. I'm sorry. Some stories don't have nice, tidy endings.

    6. Congrats (again)!

    7. Matter of time, dearie. Seriously.

    Thank you heaps and bushels for your kind words. Can't wait to meet you...!!

  14. Wow-- you make me wonder who you are talking about for me. Thank you for making my day:))
    And now we have a few more things in common besides our age-- my husband proposed to me after 12 weeks of knowing me and we were engaged only 6 months too before marrying and have been married 33 years in Sept!
    And I know you will be writing novels very soon;)
    But the golf-- nope-- I just won't try it--no matter how much my husband begs--and and yes another thing--my father was an alcoholic too but quit when he saw what my husband's drinking did to me:) Neither drink now praise God!

  15. This is such a warm and sweet post, Jen! Love it.

    And I like your tidbits, too. :)

  16. Hi Jen -

    Congrats to all those receiving the award! You're all deserving of the honor.

    LOL! Six weeks? You beat me and David. We were engaged in 2 1/2 months and married in a year. (Of course, we were a tad older.)


  17. Your dating/engagement profile pretty much matches mine - five months from blind date to marriage. It seems to have worked okay. We celebrated 40 years last March!

  18. Congrats on the award. My versatility has helped me survive life in a big way. Hopefully there will be a memoir out to tell the whole story one day soon :)

  19. Congrats everyone.

    I think my versatility lies in my creativity. I like to write, I love decorating and coming up with problem solving techniques. I have a wide range of interest some that total blow away any preconceived sterotypes. I love when people are surprised at that.


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