Friday, October 29, 2010

Mood Lifters: Feel Better in Just One Minute

I found this list on a table in a waiting room recently, and thought you'd enjoy it:


Pet an animal

Drink a glass of water. For an added kick, add a wedge of lemon or lime to it.

Breathe deeply.

Close your eyes and dream of happy times.

Hug. If no one you care to hug is around, hug yourself.


Eat chocolate (now we're talkin' Mama!)

Brush your teeth.

Massage your shoulders, hands, or feet

Look at a star-filled sky

Think of five things you are thankful for


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What are your favorite ways to lift your mood?


  1. Love it! Drinking water and brushing my teeth? Never considered those two. I'll have to give 'em a try next time I'm feeling a little down. Or maybe I'll do all of them....I'll just make sure I eat the chocolate before I brush my teeth. :-)

  2. Sometimes when I'm really bummed I cuddle next to our dog and pet her. It works.

    And staring at the stars really does too.

    Cool list!
    ~ Wendy

  3. Loved this absolutely!!! The ones that you've mentioned are really helpful. Remember once I had spoken about drinking a huge mug full of flavoured milk? That goes down well for me, though nothing matches PRAYERS :)

  4. Great list. Snuggling w/hubby (as w/a fav pet) helps. Taking a long, quiet walk helps, especially when you have a friend or family w/you. "They" say also that exercise helps lift moods (what?):)
    Going shopping helps me, but I can't overdo it or I end up feeling guilty. Ugh! I also find that a night out w/hubby is a great mood lifter.


  5. Jen,

    I clicked on Post a Comment so many ties and couldn't bring up the window. Finally, I closed out and came back in, and look, I can post! :-)

    Hug myself. Done. Pray. Amen!

  6. Going to do almost all of them now!!

  7. Love it!! Just what many of us (me) need! And....practice silly walks...that lifts moods too ;-)

  8. Those are ALL good. I particularly like petting an animal and brushing your teeth!
    Mine personal mood-lifter takes more than a minute, but it's very effective: vacuuming. Even though I HATE vacuuming, it feels so good when I'm done!

  9. Hi Jen,
    I like that all the things listed can be done without leaving the house :o) I love the one about hug yourself if no one is around.

    One thing that always lifts my mood is something that makes me laugh.

    Great Post!!
    God bless,-----Michele Katherine

  10. What a great list. Thank you for sharing it with us. I can tell you that petting my son's cat makes me feel so at peace, giving or gettinng hug is great, and looking at the stars in ths sky always reminds me of the Creator, of beauty, and of vastness - an awesome thing.

  11. Great advice!! I have to stop and stretch several times a day to refresh myself.

  12. You had me at chocolate. I also love nature-to get out and walk and breathe deeply. And count my blessings.

  13. Loved this. =)

    I'm also a fan of slowly sipping coffee (or some other hot drink, for those of you who haven't seen the light with coffee...).

    But my favorite is hugging an adorable baby.

    Oh, and Jeanette, your comment on the pastor's wives blog about me not being born yet just cracked me up...thought you should know. =)

  14. Watching children and puppies play--watching children play with puppies.

  15. Hi Jen -

    Great list! My personal favorites: pray and eat chocolate.

    Susan :)

  16. Great tips! Chocolate and prayer are my faves, but I like the water and deep breath. I think those are physical things that destress us.

  17. I love that brushing teeth is after eating chocolate. Cleanse the palette...that's my secret to sticking to my diet AND lifting my mood. :)

  18. I was looking for a pick me up this morning. Thanks for the post! I'm finding today that reading blogs I like cheers me up! :)


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