Friday, March 18, 2011

Winners and Wranglers

The Winner of Patti Lacy’s newest book, The Rhythm of Secrets, is Rhonda Schrock from The Natives are Getting Restless, a warm, humorous blog about Rhonda's adventures in raising four boys.

Congratulations, Rhonda! I know Patti’s brilliant writing will bless and inspire you.

I believe all readers and writers are winners, because words contain the power of life and death. God said that. He also said to live at peace with everyone, as much as it depends on you. However…

Do you ever wrangle with your spouse, parent, sibling or co-worker about silly issues? Kevin and I got in a dumb argument this morning over how the foam insert in my post-surgical boot was constructed. By the time he dropped me off for work, I was so mad, I was ready to head for Colorado and wrangle a herd of horses!

What is the silliest argument you’ve ever had?


  1. I think we had an argument over how he burned his coat. He was using it to put out a fire on one of his car engines. The whole thing was insane so there wasn't much to "argue" about. I don't do crazy too often.... :O)

  2. *Hanging my head*
    Hubby and I squabble about the silliest things. Like the fact that I can never decide what to eat after services on Sunday! Really:) We just left the Lord's house!

  3. Thank you so much, Jeanette! I can't believe it (gasps She Who Almost Never Wins Anything). Seriously. Hardly ever!

    Wrangle a herd of horses, hmm? Maybe Kevin's lucky you didn't try to lasso him. :0

    Thank you for not being too proud to let us know you two actually - umm, discuss stuff that gets your BP up there. We do, too, but I can't think right off the top of my head what the silliest one was.

    Thanks again, and I'll be looking for that book!

    Grinning and waving,


  4. Congrats to the winner. Argument? Whether to serve hamburgers or casserole for guests. Stupid, huh?

  5. My hubby and I actually fought over the fact that he thinks I vacuum too much! What's THAT all about? LOL

  6. Congrats to Rhonda! I see my teens bickering over how loud they chew. Guess that's what siblings do. I say that at least they are 'talking' to one another!

  7. Congrats, Rhonda! You'll love this book. :)

    I can't recall any dumb arguments at the moment although I'm sure there are many.

  8. My husband and I often do things the opposite of each other . . . just simple things. So our arguments usually stem from that . . . that is not how I would make a pie crust, clean the bathroom, wrap a present etc. You get the silly picture. But we usually can laugh about it.


  9. Congrats to Rhonda! And, Jeanette, you're a master at segues... from winners to wranglers. :) Neither my hubby nor I is much for bickering. Worse case scenario: we both tend to resort to silence rather than keep a difference alive. But then again, I guess sulky silences can be just as silly as an outright argument.

  10. We had a bad argument when my husband brought the wrong medicine home. I was upset because he took one little comment I made and got angry with me. I was so upset because both of us had tried very hard to please each other that day.

  11. My hubby and I argue daily about loading the dishwasher. Knives down I say!

    great post.

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    Thank you!
    Kelly Moran

  12. Congratulations to Rhonda.

    All our fights are silly. Usually they're about what I didn't understand him to say. Or I'll say something he misinterprets.


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