Monday, September 26, 2011

Calling all Foodies

Does food talk to you?

I wonder if the types of food we crave say anything about our personalities.

Explore my comic look at Talking Food on An Army of Ermas today.

Then let me know what foods whisper in your ear and tug at your tastebuds...

Perhaps we can discover something fun about your psyche!


  1. Popping over there now! Are you serving virtual chocolate? I'll take it: virtual or real. :)

  2. Talking food? Sounds neat--on the way...

  3. Loved the post! Maybe my loving salsa and chocolate means I'm just a sweet cajun???

  4. Fun post!!
    I love crackers. All kinds. Something about the salt. Also graham crackers with peanut butter, because they have the salty-sweet thing going on. Man, now I'm hungry!!


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