Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tattoos of Grace Part I

Ron and I sat on the sofa and talked, warm fingers of sun oozing through the curtains. I turned to face him. I like eye contact, especially with my son. Were those navy blue robot feet stepping out just below the hem of his shirt sleeve?
I worked to keep my voice calm; lowered it two notches. "Son, is that a tatoo?"
He lifted his sleeve to unveil the splendid artwork. There stood a smiling robot sporting a necktie, a pen peeking over the top of his shirt pocket. One of Ron's happiest creations, drawn several years earlier when he was a carefree high school student.

But now it was on his upper arm. Forever.

"When did you get this done?"

He smiled, so patient and calm. "About six months ago."

I sighed. "I hate to even ask you how much it cost."

"A hundred dollars."

I felt my heart flatten. "Oh, son. I just hope it doesn't ruin your chances of finding a good job."
Ron (left) with his co-workers
Again his patient smile. He didn't even have to work at keeping his voice even. "I thought long and hard about this, Mom, and I feel I can live with Robot Executive as a permanent part of my body. I'm really not worried about job interviews. I'm an animator, after all."

I had to agree, even though I hated the idea of marking up his lovely skin with a needle and ink. This was my baby boy. Well, he had been twenty-some years before.
Come back Friday to find out about his other tattoo and what it taught me...
What is your opinion of tattoos?


  1. Oh, Jeanette. *hugs*

    I find it hard to relate to those who are upset by tattoos or think they're horrible (including my husband).
    While I would never get a tattoo, I think they can have their own kind of beauty and special meaning. They don't bother me at all. It sounds like your son thought a lot about this and how it might affect you, because he sure sounded prepared. :-) If I were you, I wouldn't worry about it one little bit. It's just skin, remember.
    Basically a soul suit. :-)

  2. Well I have two tattoos and my husband has three. I love them and have had them for over 13yrs. One is a blue butterfly with my husbands name on it. The other one is artwork I designed, two butterflies with my children's names and birth dates on them.

    People who get upset by them have issues greater than my tattoos :)

  3. I love that he's an animator.

    I don't have a strong opinion on this one.

    I haven't gotten one but that's b/c I change my mind so often I'd probably want it off after a few weeks.

    ~ Wendy

  4. I felt the same way that you did when I saw my daughter's tatoo. She didn't ask my opinion before getting it. Obviously she knew how I felt. Well, her hustand has one, too, so they are a pair. I still don't like them, but that doesn't change much.

  5. I think they are almost too common now and not special. A guy I was dating had multiple tattoos and when I asked him why, he said "he was decorating his temple." :O)

  6. I think they're beautiful! Maybe I could do with a small one someday, didn't really give it a serious thought but I do have some ideas ;)

  7. I'm one who avoids pain at all cost, so no tattoos for me, but I must say I have found some quite tasteful to look at. Hugs to you, Jeanette. Being a parent is never easy.

  8. Gulp, I can't be much help here. My son was a Marine-'nuff said. :)

  9. Recently I met a man with multiple tatoos, each he explained was a moment of time in his life. And I thought of my photography and writing, capturing a moment of time. I guess each of us has our own way of creative expression, trying to make sense of the way our world works.
    Personally I am not a fan of tatoos on myself 'cause I wonder what they will look like when my skin naturally changes as I age!

  10. Wow! Hard swallow. That would be a tough one for this very-conservatively-raised Mama to accept. I do like his artwork, though. He's very gifted, Jeanette.

  11. I agree with Rhonda, he is gifted. As for tattoos, they aren't my cup of tea. :)

  12. Not my cup of tea, either. I had a similar experience "discovering" our daughter's tattoo. My bigger problem with it was that we were still supporting her in college & she was spending this kind of $$ "frivolously and furtively" (in my opinion).

    I DID refuse to let it affect our relationship, however.

  13. Definitely not my thing. The whole tattoo fad has exploded, but unlike the hula hoop, it's a permanent change to the appearance.


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