Friday, September 30, 2011

Tattoos of Grace Part II

Esther & Ron as babies, with Kevin's dad.
In my last post, Tattoos of Grace I,  I told how I discovered my son's Robot Executive tattoo. Although I didn't like the idea of a permanent picture on my (twenty-something) baby's arm, I respected his right to have one.
But his second tattoo convinced me of the value of this art from for the nourishing of the soul. In certain cases.

Several years after Robot Executive's arrival on Ron's shoulder, I noticed a second tattoo on his other arm. It was a simple drawing he'd found in one of his dad's old clip art books.
A hand gripping a rubber stamp that read "APPROVED," which had been imprinted on the suface below it.

I stared at it for a minute before speaking. "Wow. I think you prophesied on this one, Ron."
"Oh no, Mom, I just thought this was kinda funky and cool. There is nothing deep about it."
But I--the Mama--knew better. I recalled all his years of self-doubt, asking the Lord for direction in his career, wondering where he fit in the whole puzzle of life. Now it seemed he had come to a place of accepting himself and the gifts God had placed in him. He was embracing the Lord's approval of Ron Levellie as a person, not for the laughs he could elicit from others or the good deeds he could do. But for himself. Made in God's image. Approved. It was more than just a fun piece of art stuck on his upper arm.

It was a tattoo of grace.
At least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. It helps me accept the tattoos on my son, and it helps me see that if we are in Christ, we're approved by God, regardless of our differing tastes and styles. So there.
Do you think we unwittingly make statements about ourselves by choices we make? Have you ever changed your mind about something, like I did about my son's tattoos? Do you have a tattoo?

I'm sorry I did not have the actual artwork to show you of Robot Executive and the Approved Tattoo.


  1. Oh YES. I love looking at people's tattoos because they say so much about that person.

  2. cool! Perhaps that should be the next one I get :)

  3. Yes, I change my mind often. I find God softens my heart to someone and their choices. I find I ease up on myself after spending years beating myself up.

    It's a wild ride and I want to keep learning and letting God lead.

    ~ Wendy

  4. I love this, Jeanette! You could expand on this idea for weeks.

    My very tattooed chiropractor told me that the way to choose a tattoo for yourself is to pick something that makes you smile every time you see it. I suppose that would be a tattoo of grace, in a way!

  5. Wonderful story, Jeanette! Your children are blessed to have you for their mother. What a concept to grasp - I'm approved! - and to apply to others in my life as well. That's powerful.

  6. I do change my mind on some things. Like, do I want chocolate or pretzels for a snack? Then I decide to have both - is that technically changing your mind? :)

    Happy weekend,

  7. Karen: I like your method of choosing a snack!

  8. He is stamped with God's approval, yes sir-y!!! :O)

  9. You bet'cha sister! I have often had a mindset in one direction about a subject or even a person and God nudges at my heart (whack me up side the head with a big stick) to see things in a different perspective.

    Nope, no permanent tattoos but I've been know to share the fun with those rub on tattoos both with Kid's Church and the grandkiddos.

    A girls gotta have fun,ya know!

    God bless ya and have a fantastic weekend sweetie!!!

  10. Jeanette, aw come on...he doesn't want to "show off" his tattoos? :) No I don't have one-but probably would if I was their age. :P

  11. The attitude towards tattoos has certainly evolved over the past couple generations.My parents frowned on them and I never considered getting one. I didn't even think much about them until a granddaughter got quite a large and artistic one. That surprised me a little, but I was a lot more surprised when our daughter chose to get a small Celtic love knot tattooed at the nape of her neck as a celebration of her 25th wedding anniversary. It's a lovely tattoo and meaningful, just as your son's is to him (and you).

    I think perhaps we've become more respectful of the personal choices others make... whether it's in clothing and hair styles (and colours), forms of worship, interpretation of art, etc.


  12. This is a great story. I can see the love you have for your son all over the place. I'm standing with you on your decision. So there.

  13. I really like how you think of this one. Wouldn't be great if we all felt "Approved" by our Savior and God!

  14. I think I have some tattos of grace . . . on my heart.



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