Monday, January 23, 2012

An Airline Joke and a Winner

"Only twelve seconds airborne?" said Orville to his brother, Wilbur Wright. "But my luggage is stuck in Denver!"

The winner of my Choose Your Prize Drawing is..........

Carol Garvin a romance writer from Canada. Congratulations, Carol! I hope you enjoy your prize.

Have you ever had your luggage "rerouted" when you traveled? To where would you most love to fly? What kinds of prize drawings most entice you?


  1. Waving from Canada, too! :) Congrats Carol

  2. Congratulations to Carol, your lucky winner! And I like the joke. :)



  3. Oh, there are too many places I want to fly to, but Germany is on the top of the list right now. I long to see where my hubby grew up.

  4. Congratulations to Carol. I would love to have to go back to Maine. Those rocky shores stir my soul.

    I like all kinds of prizes. Arty or writer inspired jewelry would be fun.

  5. Congrats, Carol!

    Hmm, at the moment, Virginia. I reconnected with an old friend, and I'd love to see her.

  6. Oh, Jenn!!! We've already communicated by e-mail, so you know I'm very grateful for this. I'll love reading the book. But I couldn't have come across your question at a more inopportune time. I'm currently sitting in Toronto's Pearson Int'l Airport and definitely not wanting to think about the possibility of my luggage not arriving in Vancouver with me! The timing is just too funny! :D But thanks again.


  7. Congrats Carol. Oh, my hubbie and I had our luggage miss our connection. Naturally the first night at this work meeting was dressy. We went in jeans and tennis shoes. Good grief.


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