Thursday, January 19, 2012

You Choose Your Prize

In keeping with my promise to have more giveaways this year on Mirth and Worth, I am offering my first drawing of the year in which... YOU choose the prize! Here are the three dandy gifts I am offering:

1. The Perfect Life novel by Robin Lee Hatcher

2. No Greater Love novel by Kathi Macias

3. 4"x6" lined sticky notes, colorful daisy design

To enter: Please leave a comment with your email addy at the end of this post, telling me something about yourself that I may not already know. Do you like to cook? Is your dog's name Matilda? Did you meet  your spouse on a hiking trip? Anything.

If you retweet or share on FB, I will give you an extra entry, but please tell me in your comment that you did so.

Drawing ends Saturday, January 21 at noon. I will announce the winner on Monday, January 23rd.

And btw, I like cooking as much as a cat likes a bath, I love dogs but don't own one, and I met my prince charming at Bible college.

Blessed, laugh-ful day,


  1. No give-away needed....but what a good idea - to have 'em.

    I'm happy to find someone else who isn't glued to the "cooking channel"! (I'm not a huge cat fan, either - so not sure about the cat/bath analogy...)

  2. I have a precious friend at church for whom I would LOVE to win your giveaway.

    I am an animal lover with 2 dogs, 3 cats, and 7 chickens. I met My Skippy Man at church and then tried to fix him up with my baby sister....I WON!!!! I am #7 of 8 and I once used purple spray paint as deodorant!

    Have a wonderful day, sweet lady!


  3. I collect recipes and cookbooks.

    loree dot huebner at yahoo dot com

  4. LOL! I don't think anyone can top Laura's purple paint deodorant, but I'd love to read Robin Lee Hatcher's book and then pass it along to one of my blog readers, so I'll give this a try.

    Something you don't know about me??? I don't think you were following my blog when I shared my story about astronaut Robert Thirsk who was a student in my Grade 1 classroom and attributes some of his career success to what he learned there.

    (And I'm sharing this on FB as well as tweeting about it.)

    caroljgarvin [at] gmail [dot] com

    P.S. Blogger isn't letting me post, but I'll keep trying.

  5. How fun.
    I guess my fact is that I have a cat that acts more like a dog. He only has one eye, and his name is Captain Jack.

    kristengjohnson (at) gmail (.) com

  6. Hi Jen -

    I put an announcement about your giveaway on my Facebook page. :)

    When I was in 6th grade, I sang in a school talent contest. The result: They put me in a music class in Jr. High, which I absolutely loathed!

    Susan :)

  7. Ah, let's see, what don't you know about me? Well,on the first date with my later to be hubby, we went bowling. Yes, we're wild people, I know...Not exciting enough? Okay then, for our 25th anniversary we went to Jackson Hole, WY. Way more exciting than bowling!

    Thanks for doing this, Jen! :)
    Hugs and blessings,

  8. Shared on Facebook and Twitter. :)

  9. What a blessing you are to have a giveaway! There's lots of things about me that I can easily keep under wraps but because I really like the Asian culture and wanted to adopt a baby girl from China, my daughter calls me Mamasan.

    If I win, I would like Robin Lee Hatcher's book. She's a wonderful author.

  10. Fun! I like reading the comments. Ok-- I met my husband of 35 years one night in a bar and I asked him to sit with me! Not my usual style at all:)) Oh how we have changed!

  11. Here are a couple of factoids: I love, love, love fresh salsa (chunky, please), and the first time I ever saw my husband, he was sleeping through a church service. Ha! Now he never sleeps through one.

    You're such a giver. I have at least two things from you in my backpack/Bible that prove it. Love you.

  12. Don't enter me, but I couldn't resist telling you that I once caught a shark by the tail and have the pic to prove it. Hmm, maybe I should have added that one to my blog. LOL (P.S. It was a baby!)

  13. I met my husband on a blind date and we laughed about Albert Brooks, the ventriloquist. Albert was lousy at that (on purpose,) but a great comedian.

  14. I have lived in a tent with my family for over 4 years. .. in 3 month increments.



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