Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Dumb Thing I Did at Work

Are you tired yet of reading about dumb things I do and more dumb things? If not, here's another...

One of the customers of the office supply store I manage is a lovely lady named Faye. She is deaf, but can read lips and communicates well.

Faye stopped in recently to order a product we don't keep in stock. When I called her place of business to let her know it was in, Ruthie answered.

"May I please speak with Faye?" I said.

"Noooo..." said Ruthie. "Did you forget that Faye is deaf?"

"Aha. Yes, I did." We yukked it up until you could hear us laughing in Heaven, but I was SO glad I wasn't on Skype. Ruthie would have seen me put my head under the desk. Or at least on the desk.

The moral of this story is: You can lead a redhead to a phone, but you can't make her think.

Today on Following My King, my lovely friend Cecelia is interviewing me! I'd be more tickled than a bumble bee on a finkleberry bush if you joined us!

And... I may be offline for a few days--we are visiting our daughter and her family in Tulsa, OK to get our grandkids fix.

Happy Administrative Professionals Day,


  1. Enjoy your precious grandkids, love you.

  2. Jeanette:
    Your thing you called a dumb thing could just be a result of having too much on your mind. You really need to go see those grandkids.

  3. I appreciate you in all your human glory. ;)

  4. Well, I think we need to start a club, for I too, have done such things. :) Have fun with your family!

  5. Ha, laughing at myself has kept me in stitches for years.

    On the way over Jeanette.

  6. I love to read about your "episodes!" Er, no, that sounds like you're having fits! I MEAN, your escapades. No, I mean . . .

    Whatever! We love you, Jen. And your blog. :)

  7. What I love about this, Jen, is that when you think of Faye, her disability isn't uppermost in your mind. You think of her as a whole person--and you sometimes remember she has a hearing loss--rather than regarding her simply as a deaf person who shops at your store. What a wonderful example for the rest of us to follow as we interact with people dealing with all kinds of physical challenges.

  8. Hope you were blessed with showers of gifts and adoration for this special day. You're the best! :O)

  9. Thanks, you guys. Diana, I never thought of it that way before--thanks for the perspective. Diane: my admin. assistant and I bought lunch for each other, and gave each other gifts. This is the first year someone I manage gave me a gift for admin assistant day--it was cool!

  10. Have a nice time with the family!

  11. I enjoyed the interview. I don't get tired of the silly things you do. Please keep them coming. We are all human and your "mistakes" help me to see that mine are in the normal range. Please just keep being you.

  12. I haven't been here in a while but I just read Karen's review on your book and had to come visit. Congratulations!!!

  13. That's just a "doh" moment, not a dumb thing. :-)

    Glad you and Ruthie got a chuckle out of it.

    Have a great week!


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