Monday, February 18, 2013

Five Things You Can Accomplish in Five Minutes

Do  you wrestle with time, or use it to your advantage?
You have only five minutes before you zoom out the door for DS’s soccer match, a hair appointment, or DD’s dance lesson. What can you accomplish in that short amount of time? You may be surprised how five little minutes can make a big difference in your life. Here are five things you can accomplish in five minutes:

v  Pray for guidance, protection, our nation’s leaders, your family, and your kids’ teachers. If you home school, you need all the prayer you can get!

v  Writers: revise one paragraph or sentence of your WIP. Readers: devour a quick snack of the novel you’re reading.

v  Open God’s Word and see what wisdom, love, or new ideas pop out as you meditate. 

v  Write a thank you note to a fellow blogger, teacher, or mentor who’s inspired you.

v  Answer an email from a friend. Since you reap whatever you sow, God is sure you send you a morsel of encouragement the next time you need it.

What ways do you make the most of wee snippets of time?


  1. The dad from Cheaper by the Dozen was my hero as a kid, therefore this post appealed to me big time! :D

  2. Your five things to do are great ideas. I love the write a note to someone and read the Bible best.

    One thing I like to do with just five minutes is rest. It may be the only sitting down time I will have in several hours.

  3. Ah, I pray every day, but rarely for our nation's leaders. Makes sense and is so important. Thank you for the reminder, Jen!

    Be well...


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