Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Don't Have Time to Pray!

Have you ever found yourself thinking or saying, "I don't have time to pray!"? If you mean long hours on your knees in the dinky hours of the morning, then perhaps you’re right.

You Can Do This

But you can train yourself to utilize snippets of time to talk to the Lord as you go about your day, using what I call Prayer Cues, and keep in contact with Jesus all day long.

How it Works

This is how this simple, effective method works:

Use activities you do every day as reminders to pray for specific people and things. When I make my bed each morning, I say Psalm 91, asking for protection; when I take a shower, I pray for my marriage; when I get dressed, I confess healing verses; when I put my make-up on, I recite prosperity scriptures; when I brush my teeth, I pray for my kids.

Simpler than you thought

I'm not saying you shouldn't spend hours at a time on your knees, or take some extended time alone, seeking the Lord for help and wisdom. But if you feel like you need more face-to-face time with God, and can't seem to fit in those huge chunks, try Prayer Cues.

Can you think of any cues, and how you can use them to remind yourself to pray for specific people? I'd love to hear your ideas!



  1. When my kids were young, I heard a woman on a Christian radio suggest the same thing. She encouraged us moms to pray for our families as we folded laundry, for each child as we helped them get their coats on, etc. It really changed the way I looked at prayer. Like you said, it doesn't replace other prayer time and types but it does help us stay focused on the Lord and spiritual things more. It also helps filter out those imaginations that we are to cast down.

    I also confess and meditate on scriptures in my "down" time, like while at the grocery store or doing everyday things that do not require a lot of focus. It's been a help to keep my mind off the negative and to affirm good things. :) The battle really is often fought in our heads, isn't it?

    Thanks so much for this wonderful reminder, Jen! I needed it!

  2. I remember you sharing before how you pray for certain things at certain times and I like the suggestion. I often have hymns or worship songs going through my mind that I use as prayers.

    Blessings to you Jeanette.

  3. Pray around every room in your home, pray over the dishes.

  4. Pray as you ride across town. Pray as you drive across town, only don't close your eyes. My town has been an economically depressed area before the "great recession." We have a lot of abandoned homes and closed business buildings. I try to pray for them. We had a 'brown'field that is supposed to have a car dealership build on it. I prayed for that land every time we went by there because the land held the plant that Hubby worked in for most of his 30 years in the factory.

  5. I love your ideas, Jeannette. The hardest part for me is quieting all of the other thoughts running around in my head. I try though, to use the time when I wake up in the middle of the night to pray. I also pray before my feet hit the floor in the morning. I also carry a small prayer journal in my purse to jot down anyone who comes to my attention.

  6. We're now allowed to have a radio on at work. I keep mine low and tuned to a Christian station, and it reminds me to pray as I encounter different situations.

    If a person comes to mind as I go through my day or I know they have something going on in their lives, I immediately talk to the Lord about it.


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