Monday, August 19, 2013

I Love This New Time Saving Tool

My new toy, ah... Tool
Have you seen and heard of Standing Desks? Thanks to a commercial about the value of them from Bob Hostetler of The Desperate Pastor blog, I bought one, and do I love it!

Since it's height-adjustable, it keeps your back and shoulders from aching. You also burn more calories standing than sitting--another lovely benefit.

But my favorite perk is that I accomplish more with this handy little tool. As you can see from my dry erase board on one side and the huge calendar on the other, I'm all about finding tools that help me utilize my time better.

I don't know the scientific reason for this phenomenon--if I think better on my feet than my bum, enjoy the variety of alternating sitting with standing, or am just excited that I have a new gadget.

The reason behind it doesn't matter as much as the end result--more writing, less staring out the window or wrestling with the cats for keyboard space.

The cats haven't discovered it yet!

Do you have a standing desk, or know anyone who has one? Do you know the reason they cause more productivity?


  1. I don't know anyone else who has one, but I can see all the benefits of it! Especially the burning calories part, not to mention strengthening core muscles, too. Glad to know you like it~

  2. I read an article earlier this year about the benefits and I wouldn't mind eventually getting one. Yours looks great! Thanks for sharing it with us! :)

  3. You have piqued my curiosity. I don't know of anyone else who has one. I did a search on them. They were popular during the 18 and 19th Centuries. I noticed they can be very pricey. IKEA has a product where you almost make your own. The sell the poles and the flat surfaces, you provide. They are adjustable.

  4. It is smaller than I expected. Where would my stacks of 'to do' lists sit? I already have manuscripts and proposals stacked semi neatly on the floor...

  5. My son, a pastor, uses one in his office at the church and likes it.

  6. Jeanette,

    I just heard about standing desks and here you are talking about 'em. I think I would like it...

    Maybe standing could trick my mind into thinking this is just quick, so it won't have time to get nervous and turn the project into a 'hard' thing. "we're just here for a minute even if it is an hour'.

    I love seeing your work station... the calendar and whiteboard so handy... and it's nice to see you have a little helper with all your work... how purrfect!

    So good to see you again... it's been ages since I've been by.

  7. I wonder if you get more tired, Jeanette, being on your feet all the time? I've heard of these, but it just seems like you'd get really fatigued. I'm happy for you, though, if it's working!


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