Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Shopping Snafu

Has This Shopping Snafu
Ever Happened to You?

I just went in for milk and bread,
I never meant to lose my head,
But by the time I’d reached the door
My cart was dragging on the floor.

“What happened?” cried my shaken spouse,
“You bought enough to fill a house!”
“But honey, dog food was on sale
And I couldn’t pass up half price kale!

Just look at these socks with rainbow toes,
And polka dot tissues to blow your nose!
I had to buy snow cones, three for ten,
And chicken livers to feed Uncle Ben, 

Who loves to pop in unannounced, you know,
I’ll feed him persimmons—just look how they glow!”
I grinned and I gloated, I basked in delight,
That I’d found such bargains for our budget tight.

Did it really matter we didn’t have dogs?
Or despised that ol’ kale? We’d feed neighbor’s hogs!
I guess I’d forgotten poor Uncle Ben’s passing,
But fried chicken livers would be such a blessing

At the next carry-in on our 5th Sunday dinner,
As a shopper, no doubt, I reigned as the winner!

©Jeanette Levellie


  1. LOL, you're crazy... good crazy that is :)

  2. That is great! I too get carried away sometimes.

  3. Love this! The kale will get you every time... :)

  4. We make out a list and both of us add to that list. It is almost silly to have list in hand and then decide we want someething else,

  5. When I was reading this, I thought to myself, "Kale is gross." I see you agree after all! Lol! What a cute poem on another cold and snowy day. Thank you for the smile :)

  6. I love kale! And I love Jeanette's creative writing flare. I'm guilty, by the way. Happens too often.

  7. Ha, witty and fun. I love kale, btw.

    I read once that shoppers buy less at the grocery store if they do two things: go in with a list in hand, and eat before shopping. I do both and must say the proof is in the reasonable receipt at check-out!

    That's a fitting image to go with this poem.

    Be well, my friend.

  8. I'm chuckling at your poem, Jen. I remember the time I went crazy buying Johnson's Baby Lotion/Shampoo/Baby Wash. Umm, I don't have a baby or a grandbaby on which to lavish these bargains. I now have a stock for baby shower gifts that will most likely last for the next 10 years.

  9. I can certainly relate to that experience; especially when kids throw their favorite items in and all the sudden a quick trip has become so much more involved.


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