Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ah... That Feels Better! Sharing Pet Peeves

Do you feel better sharing your #pet peeves with others? Me too. Somehow it comforts us to know that what bugs us, also irritates someone else in the world. Here are my top five pet peeves:

1. People who are rude.

2. People who let their kids act rude without correcting them.

3. People who talk loudly on their cell phones in public places.

4. People who chatter, natter, and blather.

5. Show-offs.

Wow. All of these are people. And I LIKE people! Most of the time. . .

What are five--more or less--of your pet peeves?

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  1. Your top five are pretty high on my list as well. Some more are:
    1. People who butt in on a conversation and then monopolize it.
    2. Know-it-alls
    3. People who ask you a question but then interrupt your answer.
    4. Finding empty milk, juice or other food container in the 'fridge.
    Now, I feel better!
    Sending hugs your way, Jeanette.

  2. Because I taught so many years, my pet peeves have to do with lazy parents who do not control their children, children who run wild (especially in church), rude drivers, arrogance, and somehow the fact that I am the only one in my house who can put a roll of toilet paper on the roller.

  3. Bullies, liars, abusers, snobs, rude peole.

  4. Hi Jeanette! Ah, a safe place to vent. Love it!!
    Ending sentences in prepositions, yawning without covering your mouth with your hand, people who yell at their kids, sharing drinking glasses or toothbrushes ( EWWWW!!)

    Ok, that's enough! Have a great, 'pet-peeve-less' Wednesday :)

  5. Hmm, let's see:
    1. Bitter people who look for opportunities to be verbally aggressive with others, including strangers. I see quite a bit of this in parking lots in particular.
    2. Drivers who flip each other the bird, regardless of children being present in either driver's car.
    3. Bullies.
    4. Manipulators.
    5. Those who disregard the boundaries of others.

    Oh boy, looking at your list and looking at mine, Jen, I think I encounter bigger jerks than you do. Lol. Maybe you're in a kinder part of the country. :-)

    Thanks for letting us vent. Be well.

  6. May I jump in here?
    1. People who don't really want my advice. They ask for it but have already decided to do their way.
    2. People who only half listen when I'm saying something important.
    3. People who are nice to you only because they want you to do something or want you to give them something.
    3. Those who think the world is all about 'them'.

    Janette D, your list is good. All these lists are.


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