Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Three Reasons Why Late Consumers Have More Fun


            We recently bought our first gps. And I’m not embarrassed that we are the last ones in the Northern Hemisphere to purchase one of these handy gizmos.

           My husband and I are what marketers call late consumers,because we wait until a product has been on the market for years and most of our friends have one before we make a purchase. This gives us several edges over the “first consumers,” who buy a new gadget when it first comes out:

            1.  The price has gone down considerably than when it first came out. Saving money is fun!

2.      Designers have worked out many of the kinks and quirks by now, so the invention has improved. A new and improved product is more fun!

3.      We can find out from those who've used it what the best brand is, where to buy it, and if there are any models to avoid. Making friends feel needed is fun!

In case you think I’m all about fun. . . you are right. That’s why I plan to program our gps with a 
British accent and name it “James” or “Winston.”

Are you a first consumer, a late consumer, or someone in between? What is the latest new gizmo you’ve purchased? 


  1. We bought one years ago but never use it now that we have one on our phones! :)) I would have given you mine. :)) Yes we wait for prices to go down.Just bought a blue ray and paid very little for it. I remember when microwaves were $400 or more! We waited and waited. Love the look of your blog now!

  2. We never bought a GPS. However, now my phone has one, which is great! We're not ones to go out and buy the latest gizmos. We're like you and will wait until the price comes down and all the kinks are worked out.

  3. Hi Jeanette! We are always the last ones to get anything gadget-y. We let our son get a cellphone before we did. We just got smartphones. I guess it's a good thing to wait but honestly, we aren't all that interested! So I guess that's what's really working for us :)
    You were the winner of my Starbucks Giveaway! I have your address, so I'll be sending the gift card out this week. Congrats!!

  4. Jen: Hubby is not a "gadget" person. This last new thing I bought was a flat iron for my hair. It has digital readings for the temp. That's about as far as gadget-y as I have gotten lately. I used a gift card from Amazon to cover most of the cost including tax and handling. My phone is not a smart phone, so we rely on road maps and our knowledge to get us where we want to go.I beleive they call that "old school."

  5. Hubby and I are in between. We usually buy after it's been out for a time. I'm with Terri. I remember when microwave ovens were into the hundreds of dollars. When the kids were small, I couldn't afford that. We heated things the old fashioned way.

  6. My GPS guy is Australian and I call him Crocodile! I am not the first consumer but not the last either. Funny thing is I am now cutting down my gadgets--no tv, down to one phone from three. I still have two laptops and wouldn't mind one other though!


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