Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Three Ways Blogging Helps You Become a Better Friend

If you've blogged for awhile, you may have
noticed three important factors in a good blog that will help you become a better friend.

1.      1. The more concise your post, the more readers you attract.  Most bloggers visit dozens of blogs. They don't have time to read and comment on long posts.

As you exercise self-control in writing tight, short posts, this discipline slips into your conversations. You find yourself getting to the point in fewer words, leaving room for others to chat, showing them the respect they need.

2.      2. Asking questions at the end of each post engages your reader, and makes them feel important. You can blather on about your vacation to Colorado and bore your reader for 500 words, or give us a 200-word run-down, then ask, “Where have you vacationed that you’d love to return to?”

If you ask questions of friends while talking with them, you make them feel important. They are important. But now they want to hang out with you because you showed an interest in them.

     3. You learn more by listening than talking. When you visit others’ blogs, you pick up trends and tips that help you, whether it’s a new recipe for chicken chests, a better way to parent, or a link to help you market your book.

So it is with conversations. You already know everything you know. So, the more you listen, the more you learn. And grow. And become a more interesting person. 
Did I leave anything out? How has blogging helped you become a better friend?

P.S. The winner of Diana Savage’s devotional 52 Heart Lifters for Difficult Times is Quiet Spirit of Following My King. Congratulations, Quiet—I know you will love this book; it is one of my all-time favorites! 


  1. I have never paralleled blogging and being a friend. Great points! I know I can talk a lot sometimes which coincides with my posts being a bit longer than intended, and have to edit out the unnecessary. I definitely can see a need to apply this edit to my 'real' conversations.

  2. One of the hidden benefites of blogging is making new friends. I appreciate these pointers. Thank you for them and for being my friend.

  3. Excellent points, Jen. I agree, using these tips can help a blog better engage readers. Which of course, means making more wonderful friends. :) Congratulations to Cecelia!

  4. Interesting concept. The blogosphere is all about friendship and supporting each other. When we take that caring attitude into our daily lives, it will enrich our relationships. I never quite thought about it from this angle.

  5. Great advice, Jeanette. and agree with all 3 of your points. Being concise is certainly a work in progress for me. I am envious of my writing friends that offer substance in 2 sentences whereas it would take me 1/2 of a page to describe something similar.


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