Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Few of YOUR Favorite Things

Do you have a few favorite things that make you smile or sigh with happiness? 

I love to:

Snuggle with people and cats I adore,

See goats playing in the meadow at a neighboring farm, 
Savor the taste of vegetables I've grown myself,

Smell lilacs, irises, and night blooming jasmine, and

Sing praise songs to my Savior Jesus, 

Please share a few of YOUR favorite things. . . 


  1. Oh my, what a delightful post. Some of my favorite things.... homemade apple pie, a new book, sunshine...

  2. Let's see ... in no special order: the sweet smell of a cuddly, just bathed baby; the velvety feel of my Labrador's ears (and he loves it when I rub them); watching my hubby sleep (I'm so thankful to have him beside me); rays of sunlight that slice through the trees and make patterns on the ground; all the different greens in the forest; music that moves me; buttered popcorn; my blue fleecy jack-shirt (I wear it every day, like a sweater ... am going to have to replace it soon!). Thanks for prompting me to stop and think. :)

  3. The aroma of honeysuckle, the smell of mock orange blossoms, the fragrance of lilacs. The taste of white chocolate chip cookies, the aroma of muffins baking. We have a mock orange bush at the back of our yard. We hve lilac bushes planted at the back of our side yard. We have a mock orange bush. I found gluten-free muffin and cookie mixes at Aldi. (The muffins and cookies didn't last long.)

  4. So neat that you can watch goats play on a neighboring farm! Lately it is the robins that sing, and the noisy frogs that I am savoring, refreshing voices after the quiet of winter.


Oh, it's YOU! I'm so happy to see you here today, and look forward to reading your comments.