Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Bad Advice on Love, Relationships, and Health: How Can We Best Respond?

Bad Advice. We've all received it.

"Marry the first man or lady you fall in love with. You'll save time. And if it doesn't work out, you can always get a divorce."

"It's better to say what you think than to stuff your feelings, even if you hurt someone. It's just as bad of a sin to think something than it is to say it."

"You only live once. You may as well eat whatever you like. You have to go sometime; why not go happy?"

What is the secret to sorting out the bad advice? How do you respond to tacky, even harmful suggestions by well-meaning or misguided people?

First. pray and seek God's will in his word, the Bible. Of course, the Scriptures aren't going to have detail about what color car to purchase or what town to move to. But they contain God's life, so reading them will prime your mind to think His thoughts.

Second, ask someone who's had more experience in life than you have, especially if the matter involves a relationship or the outcome of your future. The more input we receive from godly, wise sources the more likely we are to make excellent choices.

Third and last, read as much as you can about the topic at hand. With the plethora of information available to us at a keystroke, there's no reason to not inform ourselves of all the knowledge we can.

Have you ever received Bad Advice on Love, Relationships, and/or Health? How did you respond? 


  1. You have me thinking here Jeanette... I don't recall. Maybe I didn't listen :)

  2. Good guidance for young lives in our world today.

  3. Yes, there's always that friend who gives foolish advice, but I just keep focusing on goodness,
    and somehow things always fall into place. Welcome back to blog land, my friend. I hope you are enjoying these summer days.


  4. Good words Jeanette! Don't remember bad advice. Sometimes I didn't ask and then I'd get, why didn't you call me? God bless!


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