Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Wrestling with Time

If you often find yourself wrestling with time, I like you. You remind me of me. Although I’ve authored a book on time management, I often struggle to manage my minutes and days, trying overcome the tyranny of too-much-to-do
And now that we're two weeks into 2018 and New Year's resolutions have probably been tossed out with the trash, we all need some cheer leading
Here are the three tips that help me most when I'm wrestling with time
Tune in to the Lord early in the day. The longer our to-do list, the more we need God’s input. When we make time to read the Bible and talk to our Heavenly Father, He supernaturally helps us manage the rest of our day.
Try saying “no” without apologizing. “NO” is not a four-letter word. If we’re stressed and worn out, it’s likely we’re overcommitted. When we say “no” to a new TV show or a project that won’t bear fruit, we are saying “Yes” to God’s plan for our lives—and more time!

     Tackle clutter. Most of us—myself included—have too much stuff.  Clutter control steals from our callings, our careers, our families, and our churches. The simpler our environment, the more time we have to do what matters most.

I believe we can win the wrestling match with time. After all, we have the finest coach in history: Jesus!

What are your biggest time challenges? Please write them in the comments and I'll make a special note to pray for you. 

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  1. Hi Jeanette! I know that I waste all kinds of time getting down to writing or practicing for speaking engagements. I'll get some water, check my email, brush my teeth...just about anything to put off the inevitable. If you'd pray for me, I'd LOVE that.
    And I do love the idea of saying no without regret. That's been a huge journey for me, but I think I might have the hang of it a little better?


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