Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Why Random Thoughts? God's way of shouting "Surprise!"

Randomness intrigues me. I believe it’s God’s way of jumping from behind a bush and shouting “surprise!” with a fresh idea. Here are a few random thoughts for a lovely Spring day:

• Ever since we took a trip to Colorado, I’ve been disappointed in the almost-blue sky of Illinois. The sky in CO. is azure, brilliant, striking. Ours looks anemic in comparison to this azure expanse in the Rocky Mountains. Is it the difference in altitude, or what?

• I think the ideal age for a kid is five. They can communicate with you, can feed themselves, even do a few chores. Yet they still possess a fresh innocence from God that makes them say clever and cute things you want to write down. Do you have any kids in your life? Any five-year-olds? May I borrow them?

• I love gazing at trees as they clap their hands to the Lord. Never embarrassed at the thought of someone watching them—they simply delight in the gift of saying, “Thanks” to God for life and sunshine. May I be more tree-like in my worship.

Do you like random thoughts? Will you share one today, please?


  1. Thanks for this post, I like random thoughts... especially if they come from above :) This whole week I was thinking: above all else, guard your heart!

  2. What an awesome thought to carry you through the week, Marja!


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