Friday, December 25, 2020

Celebrate Jesus! 

A Christmas Poem

No star too bright
To herald the birth
Of the One
Who scattered them
Across the heavens;
No song too jubilant
To proclaim the glory
Of the One who sings His love
From eternity
To forever.
Dance, sun and moon!
Clap your hands, you trees!
Exult and cavort, oceans,
Seas, rivers and lakes!
He who spoke you
Into time
Embraces life
As a man-child
That all mankind
May sparkle as jewels,
Sing with joy
And dance as new creations
With Him. 

 - JEL

1 comment:

  1. Nice poem!! Hope you and Kevin had a nice Christmas. We were by ourselves for the 1st time in years. But we had fun and enjoyed even playing a card game in afternoow. One we'd not played in years! Have a blessed weekend and a magnificent maskless and healthy new year! x------x


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