Tuesday, December 29, 2020

What's In Your Purse?

How to Discover a Woman's True Personality by What's in Her Purse

I found a rock in my purse today. I don’t mean a pebble or a wee stone that jumped onto my key chain when I dropped it in on my front porch. I mean a rock the size of a tangerine, defiantly staring up at me from under a pack of tissues, a compact, and fourteen breath mints, jeering “mwahahahaaha! I am the reason your purse has felt so heavy since Christmas—you forgot to take me out!”

It was right. My pastor husband’s Christmas Eve sermon was about setting up memorials in our hearts to the Lord. He gave each of us a rock to place in a prominent place in our home, as a reminder that Jesus is “Emmanuel—God with us.” Mine never made it out of my purse.

You can tell a lot about a woman by what you find hiding in her purse.

*      If a limp stalk of celery peeks out from under her lipstick, she’s on a diet, and needed a quick snack to make it through the afternoon at work, but couldn't find a Ziploc baggie when she rushed out the door this morning.
*      If three candy canes at various stages of consumption are stuck to a Toys R Us receipt, she has grandkids, and forgot to give them the remains when they left to go back to Kansas on New Year’s Day. Or, she didn't forget—she just loves little reminders of her three angels who live too far away.
*      If a notebook brimming with lists of ladies’ names and plot ideas stares up at you, she’s a writer, and hates to let ideas slip out of her brain.
    And if you find a sassy rock, you’ll know she’s someone too busy to clean out her purse more than twice a
    year, is married to a preacher, and has to go to the chiropractor every month due to a too-heavy purse.

    How about you? What interesting items would we find in your purse today?


    1. Jeanette: In my purse, you would find the small memo book. It helps me to have something to jot down a thought or an idea. Ball point pens, various coupons from CVS-those kkind that come out of the machine and the cash register.(Sometimes, those out of the machine are as long as I am tall. Other times, I think I could jump rope with one of those from the machine.) Happy New Year to you and yours. Peace and blessings as well.

    2. I love that you might jump rope with a CVS coupon tape! LOL! I hope your 2021 is filled with blessings from above! Jen


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