Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Favorite Christmas Gifts from Childhood

Favorite Christmas Gifts

Most of us have favorite Christmas gifts we remember from our childhood.
I was eight the year Easy Bake Ovens hit stores for the first time. My mom, a single parent, could not afford a gift of that size. 

When I spotted a huge gift under my aunt and uncle's Christmas tree with my name on it, my heart leaped with hope.

     Do you think I got my wish? Could this be why, fifty-some years later, I still love to bake? What is your favorite Christmas gift from you childhood?


  1. I don't think the easy bake ovens ever made it to the Netherlands :)
    As children we received gifts December 5th, which we call St. Nicolas. Christmas was strictly a religious celebration. I don't remember any special gifts, but the family gatherings were so special!

    1. Marja: How lovely to only worship Jesus on Christmas!


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