Tuesday, January 11, 2022

A Prayer for Our Nation

I wrote a prayer for our nation, a prayer I thought might resonate with you. 

International readers, this can apply to your country too, since God has chosen every nation to trumpet His call of holiness.

Father of Freedom and Light of the World,
Shine Your stars of truth on every person in these United States of America.
The Sun of Righteousness has come to set us free
    from tyranny, bondage, and darkness. 
Ignite in our souls the courage to stand,
    the holiness of Your Spirit, and
    the boldness of Your throne. 
Justice, come forth!
Valor from Jesus's blood, prevail over Satan!
We are God's chosen nation
    to trumpet His call of holiness to the world!
God's will IS done in our nation!
We WILL fulfill Your plan for us!
America WILL be saved!


  1. Beautiful thoughts in this prayer.

  2. Thank you for that prayer Jeanette, I will pray it over The Netherlands and call out: Justice, come forth!

  3. I like the prayer you wrote. We all need to keep our eyes and mind on Jesus! We just found out all city government is closed except for appointments only. Again!!! ARG~~I don't understand that they realize people need books and have to do stuff on line, wait in line. Sad but hopefully people will understand viruses are always there even before testing was done! Masks do not make any difference either. Take care~---Becky


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