Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Birthday gift ideas for Jesus

Do you give a birthday gift to Jesus

     Many years ago some friends suggested this to their children, to help their family focus on why we celebrate Christmas. This is how I'm incorporating this excellent idea into our church's celebration:

          We have a fancy purple Christmas gift box that sits on our piano at church. But it's empty. 

     I'm asking each member of our congregation to write--leaving off their name--what they plan to give Jesus for His birthday. And then put those gift promises into the empty purple box. At our Christmas Eve service, I will open the box and read aloud all the ideas people committed to do for Jesus. 

Here are a few things I thought to write on my own paper:

  • Prepare communion elements for the month of December
  • Repent of criticizing anyone for any reason
  • Give $XXX to an orphanage or homeless shelter
  • Invite someone who can't repay us over for dinner 
  • Show more respect to my husband

What will you give Jesus this year for His birthday? 


Oh, it's YOU! I'm so happy to see you here today, and look forward to reading your comments.