Saturday, March 11, 2023

Why Does God Love Farmers?

Why Does God Love Farmers? 

God is a farmer. 
    He planted the earth with trees and every kind of plant for food. So it makes sense He'd have a special place in His heart for those who work  the soil and raise animals. 

Jesus spoke a lot about farmers. 
    Jesus's sermons included accounts of different types of soil, weeds that an enemy planted to ruin his neighbor's crops, and the mystery of how seeds must die to produce plants. 

We are farmers
    Everyone plants seeds every day. Words that give life or death (Proverbs 18:21), ideas, attitudes. All we do are seeds planted in the lives of those around us. I trust you are planting life-giving seeds. 

This month, you can win a devotional book written by two farm wives (who just happen to be close friends and prayer partners of mine!):

Growing the Fruit of the Spirit: 100 Devotionals for Farm Familes by Beth Gormong and Susan Hayhurst, is a fun, make-you-think volume of short stories with pithy endings. Even if you don't farm, you'll relate to these two former city chicks-turned farm wives who raised their families on farms. All their adventures, between mud, broken machinery, and miracles, will bless  your boots off!

To win an autographed copy, please share this post on one social media site, and then respond to this post telling me you've shared. I will draw a name at random on Saturday, March 25. 

How are you planting seeds?


  1. I shared it on my newsfeed on FB. My husband grew up in a farming community. We have friends down there who still farm. Peace and blessings.

  2. I grew up on a farm! I liked it way back then and miss is a bit now that I am in town. But close to farm land in our area. I saw a couple men sitting at a table reading books. When I saw them, there were two bibles, Did a quick chat with them and I told them I like that book, as it is good! They smiled! Have a blessed weekend and beyond!!

  3. Becky: We don't live on a farm per se, but are surrounded by farms on three sides of our property. We love watching the corn and soybeans go from a wee green slip to food for tables!


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