Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Why You Gotta Love Redheads

Our youngest grand aughter, Grace, is a redhead, too!
Did you know that November 5 is Redhead Day? You just gotta love redheads. Why? Because we make everyone around us feel smart when we do ditzy stuff.  You may agree with me after you read this dumb thing I did at work a few years ago. 

One of the customers at the office supply store I used to manage is a lovely lady named Faye. She is deaf, but can read lips and communicates well. 

Faye stopped in one day to order a product we didn't keep in stock. When I called her place of business to let her know it was in, Ruthie answered. "May I please speak with Faye?" I said. 

"Noooo..." said Ruthie. "Did you forget that Faye is deaf?"

"Aha. Yes, I did." We yukked it up until you could hear us laughing in Heaven, but I was SO glad I wasn't on Skype. Ruthie would have seen me put my head under the desk. Or at least on the desk. 

The moral of this story is: You can lead a redhead to a phone, but you can't make her think. But you still gotta love us, because we make doing ditzy things look so cute!

Do you have any redheads in your family?