Monday, January 16, 2012

I Did Another Dumb Thing

My post entitled I Did a Dumb Thing was so popular that I decided to do it again. The post, not the dumb thing. If I can continue to do dumb things, I may even make it a regular feature of the blog...

Believe me, I did not look this great


When I was thirty-five and teaching History at a Christian School in Hermosa Beach, CA, I decided I needed to start coloring my hair. It never occured to me that the hair color would blend with my natural color to make the final hue. In my case, maroon!

Let's Get Down to History

I'd spent my last four dollars on the hair color, so couldn't go back to the store for more and color over the boo-boo that looked like a chrysanthemum in bloom. When I walked into the school building Monday morning, several kids asked, "Did you color your hair, Mrs. L?" Finally, I made an announcement to the whole class: Yes, I colored my hair, that's why it looks so fruity, remember this when you get gray hair and learn from my mistake, now let's get down to History.

Have you ever had a hair coloring snafu? How did you fix it?


  1. I have never colored my hair! I am starting to get grey hair too, but I don't think I will color it! I've earned each one of those hairs!

    Great story, Jeanette!


  2. I always swore that I never would color grey. Then when it came, it came only in those two spots by my temples and nowhere else. I do not like looking like a skunk! So I broke my vow. Your hair is beautiful! And the kids will always remember how great you were for turning it into a funny "teachable moment."

  3. I've had some minor mishaps with the person who did my hair at the salon - a little too much red or brassiness a few times. Now I just stick with my natural color, which is dark brown. Boring, but very safe! :)

  4. Ha, this is excellent! :D

    I tried to go for highlights out of a box and I ended up with orange streaks. Not so becoming.
    ~ Wendy

  5. I haven't yet, no. But thank you for sharing your "dumb stuff" with us; that's why we love you!!

    And we think you're very 'colorful.' :):) I love that about you, too.

  6. Oh, Jeanette,you make me feel better about the dumb things I do. Wish you could post a pix of you when you had the maroon hair....
    Love you...

  7. The same thing happened to me. I waited almost a year to have my hair recolored. They didn't have the same color I previously had so tried a new mix. I felt like I had purple hair. No one noticed, but I felt weird. The next time I colored it, I made sure it was a warmer red and no purple in it at all.

    Keep telling us your goofs. We all make them.

  8. By trial and error, I've learned not to go to the "warmer" colors such as
    golden hair turned orange because I pull reds, my sweet, understanding stylist, informed me as she held the box of Kleenex.

  9. Oh, my.......! I have never colored me hair because once you start, you have to keep doing it. Way too much work for me! lol


  10. Jeanette:
    I had been getting my hair colored in the late 1970's. I didn't like the mousy brown I had been seeing.I went red. I quit my job in 1984, I went and had a perm and a color one time. Hubby took me to the shop and it took longer than he thought it should. I decided to try to color it myself. I must have left it on too long, it turned my hair dark brown. I had to let it go and grow out as best it could. If I want my hair colored,I pay a professional to do it. I can't have any flubs like that one.

  11. I've never colored my hair, but this post reminds me of Anne of Green Gables. :)

  12. I've heard so many horror stories girl, I just leave my color up to the professionals...heaven knows I need all the help I can get. Especially from the neck up! Heeeheheheh!!!

    There was a time in my early Life~Guard days when the chlorine turned my blonde hair green. Freaked me out but the ketchup trick truly does work!

    You have a wonderfully blessed day sweetie!!! :o)

  13. Lol! Love your comment to the class! So far I have not had any color mishaps, thank the Lord.

  14. Jeanette, you are so cute. I only let my hairdresser add a bit of foil, 'cause I'm too chicken to do it myself.

  15. Funny.

    Before we were first married, I assisted in the Mrs. bad red hair dye experiment. She just says never again.

  16. Yes, I have! When I was in my thirties, I decided to have my hair dyed red. I had a very curly perm at that time. When the hair dresser asked me to choose a red I liked, I picked a bright, golden red. I ended up looking like a cross between Lucy and Bozo the Clown. I made the best of it, and laughed at myself, but I never went that bright again :-)


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